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Welcome to Yale Representation's website

on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 14:01

We are a sales agency that is dedicated in its support of the bespoke publishers we represent and the numerous bookshops we visit.

Our list is diverse and ranges from the esoteric to the zeitgeist. We have books on politics, history, gardening, art, literature; there are doodling books, maps, guides to Britain, histories of philosophy and language … it is a long list, indeed.

We can guarantee the quality of these titles despite the vibrant range on offer.

Catching Thunder reviewed in the Spectator

on Sat, 12/30/2017 - 14:41

Sea Shepherd is a radical protest group made famous — or notorious — by the American cable TV series Whale Wars and by the support of numerous Hollywood celebrities and rock stars. Having previously concentrated on obstructing whale-hunting from Japan to the Faroe Islands, it now focuses on other devastating acts of marine plunder.

In Catching Thunder, written with Sea Shepherd’s active co-operation, the Norwegian journalists Eskil Engdal and Kjetil Sæter tell the story of a 10,000-mile sea chase, lasting 110 days, in which the organisation

The Making of The Wind in the Willows reviewed in the Guardian

on Thu, 11/23/2017 - 11:50

It turns out that being a juvenile muse is no guarantee of a happy ending. Peter Llewelyn Davies, JM Barrie’s inspiration for Peter Pan, grew up only to kill himself. Christopher Milne AKA Christopher Robin was estranged from his mother.

Alice Liddell of Wonderland fame seems to have been permanently cross. And then there was Alastair Grahame, for whom The Wind in the Willows was written in 1908. Twelve years later, and still in his teens, he stumbled out of his Oxford college, lay down on the railway line and waited for a train.

There’s one